Introduction to Our Products

All our ceramics are handmade carefully researching the shapes, glazes and colors, with a particular attention on the quality of the materials. Our activity offers the sale of ceramic objects to furnish your home and your table with the elegance of the Italian design. The different kind of models we offer explains the success of our ceramics, which nowadays are furnishing many homes around the world; indeed, more than producing large panels and wall tiles on request, our production includes:

jars, umbrella stands, vases, pot holders, wall plates, oil cruets and salt shakers, salt/ pepper/ coffee/ sugar or spice containers, ladle holders, butter dishes, drip catchers, bottle caps, jugs, mugs and cups, sugar bowls, various containers, bottles and small bottles, figurines, sacred images and holy water fonts, large plaques, lamps, tureens, cookie jars, centerpieces, milk jugs, Christmas decorations and everything you could wish for your home or to make a unique and exclusive gift!
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