The Story of our Workshop


My artistic career began about thirty years ago working beside the artist Piero Sbarluzzi, who taught me the basic techniques of pottery, ceramic and sculpture.

I transformed my grandfather’s old house into a ceramic workshop; I was driven by my love for this ancient art, that day by day feeds on the local and historical richness creating an alliance between the skilled craft work and the continuous research for new styles, rediscovering what was forgotten and making it mine through passion and care.

Since 1998, when I started the activity in my workshop together with my husband Gianmario, we have been realizing and painting ceramic that is decorated only in an handmade way, household articles, wall linings for bathrooms and kitchens, or tiles and panels almost creating actual paintings.

We like the fact that our decorations are inspired by photos of antique pottery and tableware, others are fantasy and modern decorations; it is in this way that objects made by vastly experienced lathe workers become true works of art.

It is our usual custom to work together with a customer who wants to make a special object, painted according to his own desire; in this case it can only be made in big size due to production reasons.

Together with our artisanal production, we offer a wide range of dishes, glasses, tableware and household goods from famous Italian brands to our customers.

The inimitable result of our works can embellish and furnish your homes in the most original, personal and refined way.

Linda and Gianmario