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Our History

Pienza, an example of an “ideal Renaissance” town, recognized as world heritage by the UNESCO, dominates the landscape of the uncontaminated Orcia valley in the heart of Tuscany among enchanted hills, spotted with olive-groves, wine-yards and cypresses.

Pope Pio II square, designed by the famous architect Rossellino and framed by two Renaissance masterpieces, such as the cathedral and the Piccolomini Palace, is certainly the essential point that evidences the everlasting research and passion for beauty of this land.

My workshop was born and is still located in one of the most beautiful and charming corners of the historical center of Pienza.

My artistic curriculum began by working side by side with my artist-master Piero Sbarluzzi who transmitted me the love for the antique ceramics art. Such passion finds daily nourishment from the cultural and historical wealth of this land. It melts together artisan work and the desire for new ideas. It gets us to find out the work of the past and to accomplish new creations with the same care as in our ancient tradition.

Thus, each ceramic work, hand painted by me and by my partner GianMario, becomes a unique piece of art.

The inimitable result of our work may contribute to embellish and furnish your house in the most personal, refined and original way.

Finally, we hope that you appreciate our work shown in this virtual book and we invite you to meet us in Pienza.

Linda and GianMario